Funny squiggles

micro-documentaries for the BBC about glyphs

Talking hands

micro-documentaries for the BBC about hand gestures

What’s in a name?

micro-documentaries for the BBC about eponyms

Survival vs Learning

a public service announcement

AI or Man’s Best Friend?

a doggy avatar for a clever crossword app

A dirty business

making garbage look nice

The digital pill

is this the future of medicine?

One woman’s story

customer personas are people too

A family at work

a case study in getting the most out of graphic assets

Captain Pugwash

how to make a TV series

Teaching English online

and using video to make dry, technical information fun

Making routers sexy

and presenting the client's vision, products and solutions

About an app

a simple and effective video for WeType

Isometric perspective

interactive illustrations for Café Bon Appétit

SVG animation

interactive animated graphics in a web page

Seriously scientific video

and in Japanese too!

Art at heart

an induction video for Arts Council England

Making it move…

in an old fashioned style

Internal comms for Nutricia

using video to deliver a sensitive strategy directive

2000 years in 2 minutes

a brief history of the Norfolk Broads

Gimme Dat Ding

a retro TV commercial for Pukka Pies

Screen within a screen

promo & tech video for a search engine plugin

Rabbits on campus

providing 3rd party animated assets

Visual code

seriously technical explainer videos