Talking hands

micro-documentaries for the BBC about hand gestures

The most recent content for the BBC Ideas digital channel. Four micro-documentaries (that’s the best label I’ve come up so far with for this format) about hand gestures. They follow the (surprisingly successful!) series we previous made about Glyphs. I’m hoping there will be more… we (that’s Simon at Dayglow Media and me) are pitching new ideas to the beeb as you read.

These stories needed to show several historical times and locations, quickly. We came up with the technique of filming costumed actors against green screen then illustrating and animating the environment around them. (That’s me playing the doddery Victorian gentleman in the Crossed Fingers episode).

Because it’s the BBC I can’t link directly to the videos, but if you click the images below you’ll go the playlist page on the BBC Ideas website where you can watch them.


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