Isometric perspective

interactive illustrations for Café Bon Appétit

Perspective without a vanishing point is known as isometric. It’s often used in 2D games because you can move over a landscape without the inconvenience of the angles having to change.

Back when Flash was the technology de jour it was possible to build interactive animation into a web page… to use an illustration for page navigation, in fact. That’s what this stuff was intended to do.

I’ve managed to recreate it (partially) in SVG.  Move your cursor over the four detailed scenes and some of the elements should spring to life (if you’re using a touch screen you have tap). In its original context pop-up messages accompanied the animation and clicking would take you to a new page on the site.

Made in collaboration with Chameleon Studios.


  • Café Bon Appétit


  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Actionscript