Internal comms for Nutricia

using video to deliver a sensitive strategy directive

Nutricia make nutrition supplements for people in hospitals who have trouble eating regular food. They identified that outpatients represented a market that they were not yet engaging with. They’d developed strategies for engagement plus tools for quantifying the market and wanted a video to explain all this to the relevant staff in several countries.

For a video this content is dry, abstract and sensitive, we are talking about marketing to people who are ill after all. So we used a lot of metaphors. We, in this case, was a collaboration with Des O’Brien at Amethyst Television who wrote the script and edited the final cut.

A year or so after making this video I got seriously ill, to the extent that I needed nutrition supplements, which were in fact delivered to my door just as the video shows. In my case the bill was picked up by the good old NHS. And I got better.


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