Lotsa logos

wot I've made - a motley collection

Several times, over the years, I’ve be asked to “knock-out” a logo for a client. Often as an adjunct to a “bigger” project, a website design or some stationery. I like doing them, but I’ve never made much money out of one. They are much harder than everyone thinks. I’m surprised how cavalier people can be about a design that’s going to represent their company to the public.

The final design is often a compromise between what the client thinks is good and what I think is better. The ones shown here are not always the version that got printed on the letterhead. Some of these are still current. Some never made it beyond the design stage. And some represent businesses that have been and gone.

While digging through my files to find these I was pleasantly surprised by how many I done… and most of them I still quite like.


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