One woman’s story

customer personas are people too

It’s always great when a client comes back. I had made a video for this client outlining a new business concept to their staff and subsidiaries. A few years later, with that concept up and running, they needed a video that would explain the idea to their customers.

The best way to do that was with a story… a customer persona they are called in marketing speak. And in this case, because the process is quite involved behind the scenes, we needed a cast of characters. Not just the customer, but her husband, medical staff, a pharmacist, a driver and more.

The technical challenge was to get them all on and then off the stage smoothly and at the right time. My co-collaborator on this project, Des O’Brien at Amethyst Television, came up with the idea of a transitional shape to carry the story from scene to scene. I think it works well.


  • Danone Nutricia


  • Video production
  • Graphic design