Funny squiggles

micro-documentaries for the BBC about glyphs

Talking hands

micro-documentaries for the BBC about hand gestures

What’s in a name?

micro-documentaries for the BBC about eponyms

A family at work

a case study in getting the most out of graphic assets

One woman’s story

customer personas are people too

A dark UI

for high-end print management software

Captain Pugwash

how to make a TV series

Flashcards, lots of them

for English language teachers

London landmarks

graphic assets for a mobile game

Isometric perspective

interactive illustrations for Café Bon Appétit

SVG animation

interactive animated graphics in a web page

Seriously scientific video

and in Japanese too!

Animal covers

for English language teaching books

Making it move…

in an old fashioned style

A real character…

imaginary folk of all kind

Internal comms for Nutricia

using video to deliver a sensitive strategy directive

Fooling about with photos

UI design for a mobile app

Office life

illustrating the benefits of a subscription service

Bureaucracy for kids

information about the Special Educational Needs Tribunal of Wales (SENTW)


the gamification of multiplication

Gimme Dat Ding

a retro TV commercial for Pukka Pies

Every picture tells a story

a different way of illustrating ELT books

About an app

a simple and effective video for WeType

Random things

workaday pictures of whatever