Seriously scientific video

and in Japanese too!

Cambustion, based in my home town of Cambridge, are one of those companies you’ve never heard of but who turn out to be an international player in a specific field. In their case it’s developing laboratory grade analysers for particulates and aerosols.

I enjoy learning the technical detail of a process I’ve never thought about before, then using that newly aquired knowledge to design a clear representation of the process, so that others may grasp it more easily.

The videos for Cambustion really challenged me, as there is a lot of math involved, which made it more appropriate to write the information on the video rather than use a voice-over.

On their site the videos are rather cleverly chaptered, so you can watch sequences over again. I made German and Japanese versions of the videos too, one of which I’m showing here, because the Kanji looks so cool.


  • Cambustion Limited


  • Video production
  • 2D animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Alternative language versions