designing brochures with inDesign... for a change

I’m an animator, right? Draw cute stuff, make it move around. So what gives with the brochure work?

If you are one of the good souls who’ve actually read these sidebar observations you’ll have picked up that I’m a freelancer. I work with a client, not for a boss. One of the perks (and there are several) is that I can do whatever comes my way. Sometimes that’s graphic design – a page and text – pure and simple. Except it’s not so simple.

I enjoy layout problems. Take some elements and arrange them in a rectangle so that they are functionally useful and look interesting. It never ceases to intrigue me how many ways there are to do that, how fine a judgement can be made about their relative merits, and how much satisfaction there is in finding the right balance.

I don’t do ikebana, but I like the conceit that there a similar zen in the practice of arranging stuff on a page. Pretentious? Moi?


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