Ceci n'est pas un CV

I've been doing this stuff for 45 years... 45 years, jeez!

WACRH West Australian Centre for Rural Health · public service announcement
Hardall Ltd F3 fire suppression chute system · product description video
Nevion Ltd VideoIPath 2020 · software description video
VisualSilicon SourceCreator · product description video
Unlikely AI Crossword Genius · updated promotional video
Hardall Ltd Tri-Separator System · product description video
ElectronRX Ltd Corporate vision · productional video
Dayglow Media Ltd BBC Ideas; Memory Tips · title and content animation
Wolfson College Borders 2020 · video transition sequence
Amethyst Television Danone; Nutricia Homeward · product description video
Hardall Ltd product illustrations
Jake Stevens Devicez · character designs
Studio 24 Ltd W3C website · illustrations to support social media campaign
Visual Silicon Ltd tee-shirt design
Jake Stevens Sea Fleet / Sky Fleet · character designs
Unlikely AI Ltd Ross the Clever Dog avatar · character poses
Global Inkjet Systems on going icon designs
VisualSilicon flyer design
Genee logo design
Othersyde promotional flyer
Visual Silicon Ltd bug logo design
Seaport Holdings Ltd Street Fleet · logo and brand assets
BBC Ideas Eponyms Explored · 6 micro-documentaries about eponyms
Unlikely AI Ltd Crossword Genius · promotional video
VisualSilicon Ltd SourceCreator · demo video
Wolfson College Transformation 2019 · video transition sequence
Nevion Ltd Sony video · presenting the technology partnership between Sony and Nevion
BBC Ideas The Hidden History of Hand Gestures · 6 micro-documentaries about hand gestures
VisualSilicon Ltd Linux course · video teaching materials development
Nevion Ltd SDN Control · Video presenting software defined network solutions
Nevion Ltd Network Architecture · Video explaining network architecture options
WeType Ltd How WeType Works · Online service explainer video
BBC Ideas What does that funny squiggle mean? · 8 micro-documentaries about obscure punctuation marks
Nevion Ltd IBC interviw · video edit of panel a discussion
Cambustion Ltd Aerodynamic Aerosol Classifier (AAC) · technical diagrammatic video; English and Japanese versions
Nevion Ltd Virtuoso · hardware description video
Nevion Ltd Virtualization · video explaining network architecture options
Nevion Ltd IP Contribution · video presenting software defined network solutions
Nevion Ltd Flashlink Optical · hardware description video
Nevion Ltd IP in the Facilities · ideo presenting software defined network solutions
Nevion Ltd NX4600 · hardware description video
Cambridge Assessment Teaching Challenges · online service explanation video
Nevion Ltd TNS4200 · hardware description video
Nevion Ltd VideoIPath · software description video
Nevion Ltd SublimeX2 · hardware description video
Nevion Ltd Vision · brand enhancement video
Cambridge Assessment Automatic Writing Tutor · 2 videos explaining online service and its use
Cambridge Assessment Mobile Testing System · hardware and process explanation video
Brainwave Ltd BAT · writing hand style video
Eislermedia Ltd Vets4Pets · Animation for TV commercial
Spike Ltd Norfolk Broads Authority · public information video
Addenbrookes Hospital E-hospital · B2B project promotion video
Cambridge Assessment Centre Printing and Scanning · video to introduce a new operations method
Amethyst Television Danone · internal communications video animation
Cambridge Assessment Common European Framework of Reference · system explanation video
Cambustion Ltd DMS500 · technical diagrammatic video; English, German and Japanese versions
Cambustion Ltd Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer (CPMA) · technical diagrammatic video; English and Japanese versions
Genius 2000 Crossword Genius · Avatar animation for AI assistant in crossword app
Hedgehog Security SVG animation for website
Agency Mai Adidas · SVG animation
Lambda Films University of East Anglia · Animation sequences for promotional video
Creative Solutions Balfour Beatty · corporate christmas e-card
Commercial Breaks Flamingo Land · Flash animation for website
Cambustion Ltd DMS500 · diagamatic animation (English and Japanese versions)
Chameleon Studios Bon Appetit Cafe · interactive Flash illustrations and animations for website
Light Blue Optics Ltd Kaptivo · use case illustrations
Rhinomed Ltd "Nose" character design
Larry the London Bus Flappy Larry · Mobile game design and asset creation
Larry the London Bus Larry's Racing Game · Mobile game design and asset creation
Larry the London Bus 2D character design
Primo Cycles character design
Hedgehog Security illustration for website
Granta Dental dental teaching illustration
Creative Solutions Whitbread Finance · promotional illustration
Kings Colledge School end-of-year production design · xxxxx
Pearson Education Gold Xperience B1+ · ELT illustrations
Creative Solutions Smith Terrace · illustration and map
JMS Group Bookableholidays.com · TV commecial storyboard
Allcows Jiva · corporate illustration
Innova Ltd marketing illustration
Creative Solutions The Poppy Factory · corporate christmas e-card design
Feersum Technology getU2it · app icon design
Pearson Education GGold Xperience B1 · illustrations for ELT book
Macmillan Education Grammar Goals · ELT book covers
Feersum Technology UKTV · app icon design
Brainwave Ltd BAT One · internal communications video assets
Honest Advertising and Marketing Deafblind UK · character illustrations
SENTW Special Educational Needs Tribunal for Wales ·50 booklet illustration
Commercial Breaks Pukka Pies · background illustrations for video
Light Blue Optics Ltd Kaptivo Quick Cards · customer success assets
Frances Sword Publishing Poetry book design
Victory Point Cafe Logo design
InsureTechnix Ltd UI wirefame
VisualSilicon Ltd Logo design
Mark Bruce Company Promotional materials
Global Inkjet Systems Atlas print software · industrial software suite; user interface design (long term project)
Mathspire Ltd Online Maths course · UI consultation
Cambridge City Council MyCambridge · flyer re-design
Lockhouse Escape Games banner design and shop interior visualization
Mathspire Ltd Online maths course Email signature design
Plays the Thynge Invysible College · logo Design
Hedgehog Security White Hat Rally · online marketing materials
Mathspire Ltd Online maths course · logo and business cards design and print
Pitch for People logo redesign
Omnicomment logo and icon design
SFB Carpentry & Building Website consultation
Global Inkjet Systems Atlas print software · logo design
Cambridge City Council MyCambridge · logo and flyer design
Cambridge Youth Opera logo design
Plays the Thynge website banner designs
Granta Dental poster design and print
Spinney School logo design
Cambridge County Council Bus Stop · public information illustration
Spinney School Kite TSA · logo design
Granta Dental stationary design, folders and leaflets
Innova Ltd Marketing materials · logo, booklet and mouse mat design
Granta Dental Diagnostics and Health · brand development and logo design
Jon Torrens Swan presentation timer · app design
Adept cladding website design
Pitch for People website re-skin
Emotiful Mobile app · user interface design
Innova Ltd newsletter design
Emotiful Mobile app · logo design
Via Libra logo design
Cambridge Party Bouncers website re-skin
Brainwave Ltd BAT One · logo design
Addenbrookes Hospital E-hospital · poster design
Eislermedia Ltd logo and business card design
Trans-Siberian Experience Website wizard · design and co-ordination
Escape Artists 2 logos and flyer design
Allcows Ltd Grifols · prezi presentation design
Applied Knowledge Ltd MAPP · web application UI elements
Allcows Ltd Tamkeen; Abu Dhabi · prezi presentation design
Applied Knowledge Ltd Face2Face · web application UI elements
Granta Dental stationery, map, poster
Allcows Ltd 32days2 · logo design
Cambridge Guardian Angels logo design
Centre for Theoretical Cosmology CTC · website design and build, logo and stationery
Anglia Cardiac Network website UI and logo
Applied Knowledge Ltd MAPP · home page designs
Centre for Theoretical Cosmology Steven Hawking Symposium · website design and flash animation
Spinney School logo design
Morevida website design
Granta Dental mobile website design
Trans-Siberian Experience website maintenance
Root Solutions Ltd brochure design and print
Innova Ltd brochure design and print
Network Mods Ltd business card design and print
Innova Ltd company email signature
Granta Dental CMS website design
Special Needs Tribunal Wales Your Right Of Appeal · design and illustration for a series of booklets
2000 - 2009 ANIMATION
True Knowledge.com Search engine enhancment · promotional video for Firefox plugin
Nexus Strategic Partnerships Ltd Commonwealth Parnerhsip Platform Portal · promotional video
Ware Anthony Rust Cambridge University Hospitals · microsite animation for young people
Igentics Ltd Thinkgrid · Flash animation to describe cloud computing services
ARTVPS MentalRay · promotional video for 3D rendering product
Ware Anthony Rust BACS · Flash animation of family characters for website
Person Education Activate! ELT Series · six minutes of character animation for DVD
Ware Anthony Rust Heathmount School · Flash animated illustrations for website
Quay Studios climatedome.org · Flash game animation
Ware Anthony Rust Creative Brief · Flash build for angency's promotional website
Commercial Breaks Glaxo Smith Kline · 40 second television commercial
Commercial Breaks ACF Car Finance · 40 second televison commercial
Imago SportyFacts · title sequence for quiz show on Anglia TV
Shine Ltd Powergen · digital vector animation for television commercials
Commercial Breaks Bayer Ltd · sponsorship credits for The People's Vet television show
Spider Eye Ross Foods Ltd · digital vector animation for television commercials
Commercial Breaks I-Claim Compensation Lawyers · campaign of 3 commercials for Anglia TV
Imago ArtyFacts · title sequence for quiz show on Anglia TV
Commercial Breaks Hughes Electrical Ltd · campaign of 4 commercials shown on Anglia TV
Commercial Breaks Brunel Ford Ltd · sponsorship credits for West Match, shown on HTV
Airforce TV Gamleys Toy Stores · 30 second television commercial on LWT
Airforce TV Frosts Car Sales Ltd · 30 second television commercial on LWT
Lenton.com Reckitt Benckiser Ltd · Flash animation for intranet portal
Spike flash animated transitions for website
Airforce TV Catering & Allied Services · logo animation for audio-visual presentation
Lenton.com Taylor Vinters Solicitors · logo animation for audio-visual presentation
Information Transfer Care Management Group · corporate video presentation
Information Transfer KPMG · internal communication video about new software implementation
Kisscom Rejig · interactive flash viral marketing campaign
Ware Anthony Rust BACS online game · Flash game & banner ad for viral marketing campaign
Information Transfer KPMG · online introduction to new tracking software
Information Transfer Arts Council England · multimedia induction programme
ePlay Innovations The Accummulator · prototype for online bidding game
Spike Upstarts! Ltd · prototype design for Daily Mirror DVD game
Information Transfer The Priory Group · multimedia induction programme
Spike Hornby Ltd · interaction design for Scalextric Sports World web 3D product
Spike Lego · interactive cd for Spybotics product
Trigenics Hutchinson 3G · visualisations for 3G mobile phone applications
Cambridge Architectural Research database visualisations
Cambridge Learning Technology illustrations for eLearning program
Innova illustrated flyer to promote benefits of subscription support service
Macmillan Education Rainbow series · illustrations for book covers
Pearson Education Activate! 2 · character design, illustrations and animations for DVD
Macmillan Education Take Shape series · character designs and illustrations
Macmillan Education English Word series · illustrations and poster designs
Macmillan Education New American Inside Out series · illustrations
Commercial Breaks Ltd Edinburgh Woolen Mills · storyboard for live action TV commercial
Ware Anthony Rust BACS · The Smart Family · illustration for website & corporate brochure
Pearson Education Activate! ELT Series · character designs
Brainwave Media De La Rue · illustrations for B2B presentation
Macmillan Education English for Saudi Arabia · icon design
Macmillan Education Straightforward ELT book · spot illustrations
Pearson Education Opportunities; Beginners ELT book · spot illustrations
Macmillan Education English Fluency Books 1 - 6 · cover illustration
Macmillan Education English Fluency Books · 360 A4 flash card illustrations
Macmillan Education English Fluency Books 1 - 3 · 72 double-page story illustrations
Starlet Publishing The Yummies · character designs based on foodstuffs
AB Creative ADR Network · card illustrations
Macmillan Education Way Ahead ELT series · spot & cover illustrations
Addison-Wesley Longman spot illustrations
Granta Dental Ozone Treatment · character design to promote child friendly treatment
Bryt McCownans Ltd · characters for confectionary promotion & wrapper
Televirtual BT Talk Zone at the Millennium Dome · characters for interactive display
Ventura Team network diagram illustrations for presentation
Hotprints Ltd Facebook application · realia collage designs for photo album backgrounds
Nexus Strategic Partnerships Ltd Commonwealth Network · website design & interactive Flash map
Nexus Strategic Partnerships Ltd Commonwealth Day · CMS website
SFBCarpentryAndBuilding.co.uk website design and build
CTM information technology Meditaire · CMS website design
Tanasity Software promotional banners for tradeshow stand
Jo Alexander Ltd CMS website
Ventura Partners Ltd SEE Broadband · logo design
PlasticFantastic.org.uk logo design, website design and build
Dooster.com logo design
Dick White Referrals logo · CMS website · stationery
Granta Dental logo · CMS website · stationery
Milton Executive Cars logo · CMS website · stationery
Networkmods.co.uk stationery design and print
Advice For Life Migrant Gateway · website design
The Dental Practice logo · CMS website
inCharge.co.uk business cards · yellow pages ad
Helen Harrison Dental Surgery logo · CMS website
Argos Fund Managers logo · CMS website
Networkmods.co.uk website design
Escape Artists Prison Arts Network · three linked websites
Stanford Skiing website design
Whites Estate Agents CMS website
Cambridge Tele.com Flyer design
Ventura Team logo · CMS website
Cambridge Toy Shop logo, stationery & bag design
ACF Car Finance Mr. Tick · character design and poses for promotional literature
CUMIS Cambridge University Moving Image Society · guest lecturer
Fachhochschule Vorarlberg Austrian Technical College · introduction to character animation
Welsh Animation Training Scheme head tutor
Cambridge Animation Systems training courses for Animo software
Ancient History ROLE
1998 - 1999 Animation Director Dubloon Productions Ltd · Captain Pugwash television series
1997 Technical Supervisor AnimagicNet AS, Oslo · Gurin med Reverompa feature film
1996 Production Consultant Telemagination Ltd · Wiggly Park TV series, 52 x 5 minute episodes
Digital Animator Pizazz Pictures · in-flight safety movie for Virgin Air
1992 - 1995 Head of Animation Dept. Cambridge Animation Systems · development of Animo software
1990 - 1992 Feature Film Animator Richard Williams Studio · The Thief and the Cobbler feature film
1987 - 1990 Director of Commercials RKA Ltd & Flying Colours Ltd · directed over 30 televison commercials
1981 - 1986 In-house Animator Film Australia Ltd · short films: Ironbark Bill, Where the Forest meets the Sea
1977 - 1980 TV Series Animator Hanna Barbera Inc · Scooby Doo, Popeye and many other series
1999 The Indies Animation Award first prize for Captain Pugwash television series
1990 FACTS Award won best travel and leisure commercial
1989 FACTS Award won best animated commercial
1987 Yoram Gross Animation Award winner at Sydney Film Festival