Captain Pugwash

how to make a TV series

In 1998 I got the gig to direct a new TV series of Captain Pugwash. This was an honour. Pugwash was a character I’d known since I was a child. I’d watched the originals on TV in the sixties. I met John Ryan who created Pugwash and his crew. He was gracious and supporting, giving me his blessing to invent new characters and to update the 1950’s world of Pugwash to be more in keeping with contemporary social norms.

It was a huge amount of work. Pre-production was in London, but it made economic sense to do most of the animation at Cartoon Produccion S.L. in Valencia. I was travelling back and forth for over a year. In the end (there were politics along the way) Hit Entertainment was the distributor, we made 26 episodes, and won the Indies Animation Award for Best Animated Series in 1999.

Here are some clips from the shows (sorry about the quality… it’s like that on the DVD!). And an example of how a character is developed so an animation team can draw it with consistency. Also a whole bunch of other characters I designed to populate the world of the Pugwash’s adventures.


  • Hit Entertainment


  • Animation direction
  • Character design