Talking hands

micro-documentaries for the BBC about hand gestures

A family of characters for BACS

a case study in getting the most out of graphic assets

A dark UI

for high-end print management software

Captain Pugwash

how to make a TV series

Flashcards, lots of them

for English language teachers

Funny squiggles

micro-documentaries for the BBC about glyphs

London landmarks

graphic assets for a mobile game

Isometric perspective

interactive illustrations for Café Bon Appétit

SVG animation

interactive animated graphics in a web page

Seriously scientific video

and in Japanese too!

Animal covers

for English language teaching books

Making it move…

in an old fashioned style


imaginary folk of all kind


wot I've made - a motley collection

Internal comms for Nutricia

using video to deliver a sensitive strategy directive

Fooling about with photos

UI design for a mobile app

Office life

illustrating the benefits of a subscription service

Bureaucracy for kids

information about the Special Educational Needs Tribunal of Wales (SENTW)


the gamification of multiplication

Gimme Dat Ding

a retro TV commercial for Pukka Pies

About an app

a simple and effective video for WeType